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About the Department of Applied Psychology

信息來源: 暫無 發布日期: 2017-06-01 瀏覽次數:

The Department of Applied Psychology at Fuzhou University currently has 18 faculty members, including 2 professors, 7 associateprofessorsand 9 lecturers; eight of them hold doctorate degrees. Our faculty members are excellent in teaching and productive in research. At present, Professor Wang Yiwen, a "MinjiangScholars" professor, is the department’s academic leader.

The Department consists of three teaching and research divisions: Mental Health Education and Psychological Consultation,PersonnelEvaluation and Human Resource Management, and Cognitive andengineeringPsychology. It also hosts the Institute of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Fuzhou University. The department now offers the following degree programs: BS in “Applied Psychology”, MS in “Social Psychology”, andPhDin “Management and Decision-making Psychology”.

The Department has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Specifically, we have the multi-guided biofeedback lab, the basic psychology lab, the psychology and behavior observation room, the counseling room, thesandplaytherapy room, the integrated psychological laboratory, and advanced research equipment such as NeuroScan 64-channel EEG system, Tobii TX300eyetracker.

The Department emphasizes excellence for both teaching and research. It has been awarded 5 national research grants and more than 10 provincial research grants. Our faculty members have published more than 100 research articles. More than 10 of the articles have been published in internationally recognized journals as well as in the Journal of Psychology, a top-ranked psychological journal in China. We have one professor who receives the distinguished title of "MinjiangScholars", and one associate professor who is recognized for his promising scholarship by "Fujian New Century Excellent Talents Program". The department offers 5 university-level core courses and 1 provincial MOOC. The department also has 9 long-term off-campus internship bases.

With respect to student development, we have developed a strong tutoring system thathelpstudents improve their research abilities and practice their job skills. Over recent years, students in our department have been externally funded for nearly 20 national and provincial projects that support college students' innovation and entrepreneurship. To date, our students’ association-the PsychologyAssociation-haswon the title of “Five-star Association of Fuzhou University” for 9 times.